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Every party is different and our goal is to make sure yours is everything you want!

DJ-Master of Ceremonies

No party is complete without a DJ playing some hot tracks. We know announcenments are an important part of your event.  Our Master of Ceremonies (MC) will keep the party going. While letting your guests know what's important to you.


Dance floor?  We'll light it up with our high end LED lighting! We update our equipment every year to make sure we stay with the industry trends. All you have to do is show your moves off on the dance floor!


All of our speakers and subwoofers are EV (Electro Voice). One of the most well known and respected manufacturers in the industry. We pride ourselves on being Heard and Not Seen. Our equipment doesnt take up a lot of space. We know the last thing you want interferring with your decorations is bulky sound equipment.

Party DJ

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